3Sep, 2019

We Go On

  August 30, 2019 We go on with our days Slower now, more mindful, Yet in a numbness as though nothing really happened. And then I’ll look over at him, [...]

19Aug, 2019

The Forest

We entered the woods this year. In January. We didn’t slowly stroll in—we were yanked out of our complacency and tossed into the thicket.   We never left, but often [...]

11Aug, 2019

You Fool Yourself

You fool yourself. You believe you’re safe. You believe there’s time. More time. You should know better. Life has revealed her truth to you many times. And yet, it is [...]

1Apr, 2019

Are Blog Themes Necessary?

Are Blog Themes Necessary?   I’ve heard that a blog should have a theme and every post should relate to that theme. But I don’t live by one theme. Or [...]

5Feb, 2019

Nothing More Important Than Love

"Never to be squandered....the miracle of another human being." —Craig Lucas, Prelude to a Kiss   I sit with him in the family room. I sit with him as he [...]