Watching Shelby Grow

I found this little piece I wrote on February 2, 2014, and because dogs have played a big part in my life and have a significant role in my book, The Space Between, I thought I’d share it.

Watching Shelby Grow

We’ve had her since November 12th when she weighed less than nine pounds. Everything about her was small — small for a dog that will grow to more than 60 pounds.

She changes day to day sometimes morning to night. And it is a miracle to watch a nose point out from the place that was squished and small; to witness a body higher from the floor than what seems like just before because all four legs have grown.

This growth and the gift of being a witness are a miracle – one neither Bob nor I take for granted.

We understand that life brings us unforeseen challenges and the only defense is to pay attention to the everyday miracles of life. The growth of a puppy. The birth of a child. The sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Friendship, the type that is born of souls understanding each other with no conditions. Finding and falling in love with a special person you delight in and being willing to share your life with as a choice you make every day without knowing you’ve chosen.

Shelby is our today miracle. A puppy who has changed our lives: challenged us, made us laugh, and made us fall in love. And we’ve watched her fall in love with us. A miracle is puppy love running to me first thing in the morning with tail swinging at high-speed velocity.

A miracle is the willingness to love again after we’ve known the harsh sting of the end of love. Endings hurt. Sometimes even good endings hurt because change always brings up its own emotions and challenges.

A miracle and blessing lies to my left on her brand new plush Costco bed.

Just another miracle that happens every day.

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