Great Time at Grace Patriot Wine Booksigning

Despite the rain, the tasting room at the award-winning Grace Patriot Wines in Placerville, CA., where I held a book signing for The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother-Daughter Love at the End of Life, on Saturday, May 7th, was teeming with people.

Bea Grace, Lindsey, and Gayle did a great job, but I have to give an extra thank you to Gayle for all the delicious food she prepared specially for the day. I particularly loved her miniature bundt cakes — and when I say “miniature,” I mean tiny.

Men and women I’ve never met bought two and three books to give to their wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters. I was excited by the friends who braved the weather and came to support me and buy books.  Here are pictures of a few:2016-05-08 11.22.18

I’ve heard people say that if they’d known how much fun it was being a grandparent, they would have skipped the parent part and gone straight to grandparent.  I’m having such a great time right now that I would paraphrase this sentiment:  Had I known book signings were so much fun, I would have skipped the demands of writing and gone straight to signing.



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