Books, Inc., here we come!

Books, Inc., here we come! booksinc

My first launch is now less than 12 hours away and I had a version of the naked person standing in front of a crowd of people. My version is me standing in front of a sea of empty chairs tonight.

I know that won’t happen. Friends will be there, some of whom I haven’t seen in at least 20 years. One special friend wrote last night to say she can’t make it. She was coming from Denver, and while it was 70 degrees yesterday, they’re predicting 14 inches of snow this weekend and she can’t take the chance of missing work on Monday. Her name is Dr. Laura Lee Summers and we were in an online writing group together. She was there to read the first words that eventually became a full book. She stayed with me beyond the group and diligently read and commented on each chapter. “When you publish your book, I’ll be there,” she said, and she meant it. Plane tickets in hand, suitcase packed, and then the weather report. Although I won’t get to see her, she’ll be with me tonight as she has on every page of my book, The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother-Daughter Love at the End of Life.

I hope to see you tonight at Books, Inc., Palo Alto, 7:00 p.m. There will be chocolate!

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4 Replies to “Books, Inc., here we come!”

  1. “There are women who change the world everyday… Women like you.” ― Ashley Rice
    You will be amazing tonight, and I will be there in my thoughts sitting in the front row. Be yourself. You have a beautiful story to share and have been a thoughtful writing mentor and role model. You inspire all of us. I am SO disappointed and feeling really bad that I can’t take a chance of getting stuck in such a fabulous place with wonderful people. (Now, watch the storm move just enough that travel advisories go away.) Meanwhile, I am trusting that you have another book ready to be written soon and I will try again! I will come see you soon! Shine bright!

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