Book Launch at Barnes & Noble was a sell-out

B&NPD poster

The Barnes & Noble Palm Desert launch of The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother-Daughter Love at the End of Life exceeded the manager’s expectations.

B&N PD Book launch - speech
I was honored by the number of friends who came to support me and the new people I met who came because they were interested in the topic. I gave a very brief talk and then opened it up for questions and comments, which resulted in a lively discussion.

B&NPD me and Arlette

B&NPD me and Cindy

B&NPD me and Dorothy

B&NPD me and Johna

B&NPD me and Josie

B&NPD me and Julie

B&NPD me and Linda Mc

B&NPD me and Madelyn

B&NPD me and Marcia

B&NPD me, Cindy & Dean

BNPD me and Laurie

B&NPD me, Cindy & Dean
Signing books is a lot of fun — great conversations, interesting people, and a wonderful sense of comraderie for everyone.

B&NPD before last book sold

Sold out right after this picture was taken and the store has had to reorder because people who’d been there and bought a book, returned to buy more for their friends.

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  1. Congratulations, Ginni! We enjoyed seeing the photos from this wonderful signing day! Wish we could have joined in the conversations….maybe you’ll do a book signing in FL!!

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